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Our solutions will simplify even the largest projects. Security, surveillance & access in one unified platform.

Corporate or large Business?

Security made simple

Your security system should be easy to use; as easy as turning the lights off when you leave for the day.

Providing innovative security solutions for home & business for over 3 decades.  

Home & Small Business

Secure and monitor your home for many conditions

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A 'live' agent will contact you quickly when your home has been breached by an intruder.  The authorities will be dispatched urgently

 giving you peace of mind.

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Avoid costly water damage with a water sensor.  Receive 

notification by a 'live' agent if a problem occurs.

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Our systems have a medical button that can easily trigger an 

immediate medical response, should a medical emergency arise.

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Protection & immediate  notification when gas is detected in your home.  

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Authorities will respond immediately to 'Fire' related signals to ensure your family & assets are protected. 


Home & Small Business** Packages

Wired Alarm Package

$99 installed

*based on a 3 year monitored term - $750.00 Value


  • Control Panel

  • Standard Keypad

  • Motion Detector

  • Backup Battery

  • Siren

  • 3 Door/Window Sensors

  • Installation


Wireless Alarm Package

$99 installed

*based on a 3 year monitored term - $875.00 Value


  • Control Panel

  • Standard Keypad

  • Motion Detector

  • Backup Battery

  • Siren

  • 2 Wireless Door/Window Sensors

  • Installation

No Phone Line?
No problem...

Our reliable cellular option ensures the response you need, when you need it.

24/7 Monitoring
*Choose one below with above packages
Traditional Phone Line............Starting at $19.99/mo
  • best value
  • reliable
  • analog phone line required
IP Monitoring...........................Starting at $24.99/mo
  • reliable in most urban areas
  • Internet required
  • includes smartphone app for remote
        control, status, notifications
Cellular Monitoring..................Starting at $29.99/mo
  • most reliable monitoring
  • does not rely on any 3rd party phone/internet services
  • includes smartphone app for remote
        control, status, notifications

Additional Options

  • Smartphone Module

  • Glass break Sensor

  • Video Verification

  • Fire Detector

  • Heat Detector

  • CO Sensor

  • Keyfob Remote

  • Sump Pump Sensor

  • Water Leak Sensor

  • Medical Emergency Button

Most Popular

Motion Cameras 

  •  Access HD Video & Audio of your property anytime right   from your smartphone

  •  Intelligent motion detection that reduces false alarms

  •  Visually verify when an alarm occurs


Smartphone Control **features vary per model

  • Reliable Smartphone control of your system at the push

       of a button.

  • Receive system notifications  

       i.e. when someone disarms your system and/or alarm occurs.

  • Verify if you've left a door or window open

  • View your cameras from anywhere

     *smartphone must be connected to internet or data, motion camera required

Alarm Video Verification & Smartphone Control

Outdoor Motion/Camera

Outdoor Motion Camera      Indoor Motion Camera

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instie gold app cameras.webp

**Small business is based on 10 or less employees and square footage of secured space.  Extra charges may apply.


Most Popular

Corporate & Large Business

is your firm looking to update the current security system or install a new solution to better suit your needs?

We offer full integration of security, access control and camera solutions* on 1 single platform. 

This enables a reliable and simpler

user experience when managing your security system.

Our integrated security system suite features PC software and a smartphone app designed from the ground up with the end user in mind.  Setting up new employee codes and access to multiple secure areas within the organization shouldn't be a complicated task.  Easily manage your system remotely from any computer or smartphone.   

Spend more time focusing on your business and less worried about your security. 


Our team would be happy to assist you in designing a full security solution.

Security Solutions Provided:

- Intrusion Systems

- Surveillance Systems

- Access Systems

- Emergency Systems

     (i.e Panic, Medical, etc.)

- Equipment Monitoring

     (i.e. Elevator, Fire, Water equipment)

- ULC monitoring