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Are you tired of overpaying the 'big' security companies?


We can secure your home or business while at the same time save you money. 

Step away from constantly increasing monthly costs with the ‘Big' Security companies.

Find out how our approach is different from the competition...

Packages Installed
as low as $99
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Awareness &


Not only will a live agent call you when an alarm is triggered, but the actual alarm system also serves as a detterent for 'scoping' intruders. 

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Professional 24/7

Monitored Response

Having your system professionally monitored 24/7 gets you response faster!  Get a Call from a 'live' Agent when your alarm is triggered.

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Easy To Use

Security Systems should be easy to operate to the point that you always feel comfortable using them.  Set it and forget it!

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Save Money on


Homeowners are eligible for a discount on insurance when a monitored system has been professionally installed.  We supply you with a certificate, and you start saving.

Alarm System Benefits

The Stats

  • A residential break-in happens every 90 seconds in Canada.

  • More than 80% of break-ins occur during daylight hours.

  • Most illegal entries are made by amateur burglars without the use of sophisticated tools.

  • Most burglars enter through a basement or ground-floor door or window.

  • Most burglars rely on concealment, speed and force to gain entry to a home.


The Truth

  • Break-ins cost Canadian insurance companies millions of dollars each year in claim payments. This cost is shared by policyholders through increased premiums.

  • By making your home more secure, you can save yourself inconvenience and money.

  • By installing a 24-hour monitored alarm system in your home, you reduce the chances of being a victim of crime

  • Most home insurance companies will reduce your premiums when a professionally monitored system is installed.

A Solution

There is no perfect deterrent to protect your home against a burglar. However, statistics show the chance of having your home broken into is significantly reduced if you have a 24-hour monitored alarm system.  Alarms get help there sooner, minimizing damage and danger.

Burglars just don’t have as much time to act when an alarm is activated.

Alarm systems can also monitor other emergency conditions such as;

  • smoke

  • fire

  • Gas

  • temperature change

  • water escape


A 24-hour monitored alarm system provides peace of mind and security for your entire family or business.

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